For those interested in digital audio and guitar, a program I have been enjoying in the free version for a year now Amplitube is offering the Amplitube 3 program until July 31st 2015 for $130.00 off the regular price for a total of only $69.99. As I head into a year in which I will be demoing for a new record [finally, more on that to come] software like this makes the tonal palette of amplifiers much more achievable. I’ll likely pick up a few extra individual amps over the months to add to the great base package which already includes tons of great amp models, cabs, and stompbox models, all of which, to my ears, are very well done and totally usable on commercial, professional recordings.

My main tone for electric guitar is a Telecaster sound through an AC30 or a Fender 68 Deluxe type of tube amp. Over the years I’ve owned a bunch of different amps (Fender, Vox AC30, Mesa Boogies Duel Rectifier) but I most often write and play on acoustic guitar. A program like Amplitube is perfect for getting some variety in tone and texture in the mix without having to invest in 4-5 different amps and a host of effects pedals. In a perfect world, I’d have all of the amps in a soundproof room, but in real life I’m grateful for software that breaks new ground like Amplitube and Toontrack’s EZdrummer.

Check out the deal before July 21st:


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