I just noticed a great write-up on Worship in the Way of the Cross from Hearts & Minds Bookshop entitled ‘Ten New Books for Church Leaders about Worship, Outreach, and Congregational Life.‘ They wrote:

Well, here is one that really should be on the short list of any library of books about worship.  It develops the theme made clear in the title — the shape of worship that is formed by the way of the cross — with Biblical exposition and practical insights.  As it says on the back cover, Frederick (who has a PhD from St. Andrews in Scotland, by the way) “explores a cruciform theology of worship as the cross demonstrates the nature of God, worship in the way of the cross transforms us into the image of God who is love.”  Let that sink it: this paradigm for thinking about worship helps us become deeper disciples because “worshipers and worship leaders alike can come to embody the other-centered humility of Christ.”

I like that it promises to help guide “how worship leaders and pastoral staff relate to one another and for renewing the artistic output of the church”….If you read our BookNotes column regularly, you know that we have been long-time fans of the serious New Testament work of our friend Michael Gorman (of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute in Baltimore, MD.) You should know his scholarly book Cruciformity which explores a New Testament Pauline spirituality of radical discipleship. He, of course, likes this book.

Thanks Hearts & Minds for engaging with the book!


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