Excited that my latest release, a book on a theology of worship entitled Worship in the Way of the Cross: Leading Worship for the Sake of Others, has officially been released in print as of today (April 11th, 2017) by Intervarsity Press.

Interestingly it was the #1 new release in Christian rites and is now the #1 new release in Christian Institutions and Organizations. Since it is a book mostly about the power of God to transform the world through the Church; this is really fitting (and exciting)!

I’ll likely be posting videos and promotional stuff here and on social media. But in addition to that, I plan on ramping up the content of this blog. I’m interested in doing several series here, maybe based on the book, and based on some research I’m doing in other areas of theology, like the atonement, theology & the arts, and apocalyptic theology.

While we’re on the topic of apocalyptic theology, I recently finished reading Sam Adams’ excellent book The Reality of God and Historical Method: Apocalyptic Theology in Conversation  with N.T. Wright (IVP Academic) and I highly recommend it.


I heard much of Sam’s approach during many long lunch conversations during our overlapping time at the University of St. Andrews. This book really shows the maturity and cohesion of the final result of those early ideas I heard from him. It has actually been very influential on my own thought, as of late, and I think if you read it, it will be a stimulating theological tipping point for you too.



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