I’m excited to have received the news that my first book with Intervarsity Press is now available for pre-order through Amazon and IVP’s website. You can pre-order the book from IVP here, and use the coupon code 506-579 to receive 40% off of the retail price (it’d come to about $11).

I had a great time researching and writing this book, and am happy to have collaborated with some friends and colleagues on this. There are some great reflections at the end of several chapters by Walter Kim and Damon Addleman (Park Street Church), T.C. Moore (New City Church of Los Angeles), and Chris Llewellyn (Rend Collective).

Here is the summary blurb on the book from IVP’s website:

Too often worship is seen as just the music, an onstage performance that puts the spotlight on the worship leader. But worship is fundamentally an others-centered, self-giving act of service. Worship properly directed to God for his glory also results in the Christlike formation and transformation of both worship leaders and congregants.

Worship leader and biblical scholar John Frederick unpacks the shape of worship in the way of the cross, where leaders act not as lords but as servants. With a mix of biblical exposition and practical insights, he explores a cruciform theology of worship: as the cross demonstrates the nature of God, worship in the way of the cross transforms us into the image of God who is love. Thus worshipers and worship leaders alike can come to embody the other-centered humility of Christ.

This paradigm has implications for how worship leaders and pastoral staff relate to one another, and for renewing the artistic output of the church. In cruciform worship, we encounter the Son of God and embody the love of God. Discover how in worship we can empty ourselves for the transformation of others.

Lastly, a review:

Worship in the Way of the Cross offers insights into the importance of story and affirms the congregational community as a matrix for discipleship. The strength of the book is Frederick’s case for the church as a place for grace-filled congregational accountability. He fosters critical thinking and challenges worship leaders to elevate excellence and service to the congregation as a countercultural witness in the world.”

—Robbie Castleman, author of Story-Shaped Worship and Parenting in the Pew


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