Driscoll Challenge

I’d like to challenge Mark Driscoll, who recently moved to Arizona, to a friendly but fiery academic, moderated debate on the topic of Women in Ministry and Gender Roles in marriage.

A bit of background, I came to faith in an Acts 29 Network church during the time that it was still a small network with Driscoll leading the charge. I benefited greatly from that time but over time moved to broader positions theologically and exegetically on several issues with Mark.

The debate I propose would be in late Spring of 2016, somewhere in Phoenix, and would be followed by a post-debate Little Debbie extravaganza, an utterly stupid and glorious idea, in which the entire audience participates in the sacrament of Little Debbie thus enacting a prolepetic foretaste of the snackfood of choice in the New Creation. It will be BYOD (bring your own Deborahs’).

I invite Mark to contact me to confirm and hash out the details if he is interested. Share and hashtag it. Driscoll’s Twitter is @pastormark; https://twitter.com/PastorMark



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