The first installment of monographs from our global webinar conference, Ecclesia and Ethics, entitled Ecclesia and Ethics: Moral Formation and the Church was submitted to the publisher Bloomsbury/T&T Clark about a month ago.

We don’t have any hard and fast dates yet on the release of the book, but it looks like it will be out and available for purchase in May 2016 [prob January]. It is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and through T&T Clark. The book contains new articles on the topic of the Church and Moral Formation from: N.T. Wright, Stanley Hauerwas, Dennis Hollinger, Brian Rosner, Nijay Gupta, Mariam Kamell, Mark D. Baker, Michael Rhodes, Sungmin Chun, Doug Hume, Aaron Manby, Michael Gorman, and a contribution from myself (John Frederick). It is edited by Allen Jones, John Anthony Dunne, Eric Lewellen, Janghoon Park, and John Frederick.

It was a long process to get this initial book edited, copy-edited, and submitted. We’re stoked to see a project that we thought up partially (or completely, depending upon which of us you ask) so that people can attend academic conferences in their pajamas come to fruition and print.

More info to come later this Fall. The conference will likely not meet again until Spring of 2017 as we got totally immersed this summer trying to get this first book done while finishing up the third conference on the ethics of human sexuality and the Church.


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