A week or so ago I did a two post series on Worship Leaders as Ministers of the Word on GCU’s Living Faith blog. Check out the posts here: Part I and Part II. The content is basically some initial ideas I am playing around with after having lectured on similar themes at the Experience conference in 2014 and at some other events this year. I’m trying to incorporate the ideas into some future projects I’m working on as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

…worship leaders are often selected primarily on the basis of their musical skill and their fit with the particular congregation in terms of musical style. Typically, adherence to the church’s doctrinal statement is also a part of the interview process, but beyond this, the worship leader is generally not held to the same standards of theological training and acumen as the lead preaching pastor. This makes practical sense, though it would be incredibly amusing to me to see a charismatic worship leader slaying people in the Spirit during a 47-minute Hillsong style music set at a cessationist church that normally only sings hymns. I can, however, begrudgingly see the wisdom in trying to avoid such an oddity (subliminal message: please, someone make this happen and invite me).

The New Testament calls worship leaders to a higher standard. In fact, I would propose that the Bible demands from worship leaders the same standard of biblical excellence as that of lead pastors. Furthermore, Holy Scripture places upon worship leaders the same weighty responsibility of the ministry of the Word as that which falls upon the preaching pastor. Ding! Ding! Ding! Boom! Let’s put on our exegetical, pseudo-pacifistic boxing gloves and step in the hermeneutics ring because ‘dem are fighting words.


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