Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 11.08.14 AMLooking forward to giving a talk at the Experience Conference in Orlando this week. The conference goes from Wed-Fri and features some great keynotes like James MacDonald, Brian Houston (Pastor of Hillsong Church) and a bunch of worship times led by Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin etc. The conference looks like it includes a ton of interesting breakout, workshops led by people from all over the place. I’ll be giving a semi-geeky talk called: “Cruciformation—Being Transformed into the Image of Jesus, in the Way of the Cross through Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.”

Check out the experience website ( for a full schedule and details.

Here’s the full description of what I’ll be talking about. It’s a theological presentation based on Paul’s theology of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs in Ephesians and Colossians.

We often speak about corporate worship as an experience that focuses on what we do for God. We praise God. We thank Him, and glorify Him. We adore Him, and rightly so! Yet, I wonder: Have we reckoned with the extent to which God forms us and our congregations through worship? I wonder—Have we reflected deeply enough on what happens through the communal experience of worshiping and singing about the love of God in Jesus Christ? How we the people of God through worship, through Gospel-centered love harmonized, melodized, and verbalized actually become like the God who is love?

In this workshop we will: look at the scriptural foundations and theology of transformation though the way of the Cross in worship, and we will survey some tangible practices and approaches that we can use in worship to facilitate Christlike transformation. We will learn how to better become agents of aesthetical, imaginative transformation into the image of God by embodying the cruciform way of God in Christ through congregational worship itself.

To be cruciform, means to be conformed to the other-centered, self-giving, way of the Cross; the way demonstrated by Jesus himself in his humble life and death for sinners. In this workshop we will learn to incarnate this Cruciform Gospel and to see the world transformed by it through worship, through the Church, to the glory of God.


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