Novel Spoon

For seventeen years, 6 days and 22nd hours,  a good friend, the Rev. Dr. Dentist, yogurt guru and part-time wizard Luis Spencer [who also builds life sized model airplanes] has been working on a gripping short story about a pelican who lost his way and the concept of the unbreezy breeze. Such a windless state makes for an uncomfortable stillness, not to mention the impossibility of sailing. The child who flies the kite does so in vain. The leaf longing to be carried by the earth’s gentle breath finds itself strangely stationary and without trajectory of glee. Luis is finally ready to share this epic adventure with the world as a wonderful piece of art, and he’s agreed to do so through this blog! Some may categorize this piece as a “minimalist” rendition work but I beg to differ. I would challenge the reader to see in between the words and thus to encounter the ‘nullified breezy nothing terrific’ as Mr. Spencer has described it. This novel make take you a long time to read, so grab a nice cup of coffee and set aside a good 3-4 hours. See if you can find the hidden message. The award winning novel is available below in its entirety. Enjoy!

“Unbreezy Winds and the Spoon Vernacular Terrific”

By Luis Spencer


Chapter 1 – Quest without Compass

“One time, I went to the store.”

The End.

All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2014, Oysterville Publishers, Oysterville, SD.

Cover Photo: Barbara Cronkite courtesy of Walt Walters’ Film House.

Made possible by a generous donation from Ziggy’s Crustacean Emporium and Lobster Zoo


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