For Life of the World web

From Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World [1973] on baptism and confirmation as a means of becoming truly oneself and abundantly human:

“Baptism is the death of our selfishness and self-sufficiency, and it is the ‘likeness of Christ’s death’ because Christ’s death is this unconditional self-surrender.” [p. 74]

“If the Church is truly the ‘newness of life‘ — the world and nature as restored in Christ—it is not, or rather ought not be, a purely religious institution in which to be ‘pious,’ to be a member in ‘good standing,’ means leaving one’s own personality at the entrance– in the ‘check room’—and replacing it with a worn-out, impersonal, neutral ‘Good Christian’ type personality.” [p. 76]

I highly recommend this book. I’m really enjoying it.


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