Back in 2013 my colleague John Anthony Dunne and I interviewed Shane Claiborne of the Simple Way in Philly as a part of the first Ecclesia and Ethics global webinar conference on the theme of moral formation and the church. I was really inspired by the conversation and recalled it today as I was looking for media clips to go along with the themes of a devotional, spiritual formation guide that I am developing for a course called Worship Summit here at GCU. Worship Summit is going to be an organic, collaborative weekly course and event in which the students write songs in cohorts. Each year there is a spiritual formation component and the first year is cruciform leadership in the Church. I chose to link to this video interview with Shane Claiborne as a part of the week that focuses on the beatitude, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.”

Shane Claiborne 2

Here is the excerpt:

“When we’ve taken liturgy to the streets and done our Good Friday service outside of the gun shop or Lockheed Martin the biggest weapons contractor in the world, it’s a way that we anchor that story in the world that we live in. And so, in our prayer life, every morning we wake up and greet the days together, but we also remember that this is the day that Hiroshima was bombed, this is the day that Nelson Mandela was released from prison, or, Oscar Romero was killed in El Salvador. As Karl Barth said: ‘We read the Bible in one hand but we read the newspaper in the other,’ and our faith becomes a way that we engage the world rather than escape it.” —Shane Claiborne, Feb 2013 in an interview for the University of St. Andrews conference Ecclesia and Ethics.


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