The past week has been a good, but busy time of settling in, meeting people, trying to figure out where Target is in Phoenix, going to Target to buy plastic cups, hotdogs and microwave dinners, buying new pants [terribly boring], meeting some folks from the church out here in Phoenix, writing lots of songs in the middle of the night in an empty vibey room in my new place, missing Tara and Liam [they’ll arrive in Phoenix in a few weeks, and so I’m here ahead of them].

One excellent part was meeting with Bart Millard who is the lead singer of the band Mercy Me. Bart is the director of the new worship program for which I teach as a professor and coordinate songwriting summits here at GCU. He, along with a bunch of other really talented and diverse folks on the creative team and board, and myself got to spend a good deal of time this week, hearing vision, casting vision, gearing up for the start of the program etc.

I left the meetings even more excited than when I went in. It is evident that there is already an energy, an inertia, a creative and collegial heart to this program that I think is going to be a catalyst for creativity of all sorts and which will have a snowball effect in the Church and the world [although this metaphor probably doesn’t work so well in our 110 degree heat!].



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