Christmas Celebration_ACR.001

This has been a crazy but excellent season in life, academy and Church. I’ve just finished teaching my first course at Gordon Conwell Boston, and have also been serving PT as Sunday Evening Worship Leader at Park Street Church in Boston which has been and continues to be such a refreshing and enjoyable experience in ministry with a really strong and gifted group of co-laborers in the Gospel.

In addition, on the Anglican side of things, I ended up being appointed to lead the second phase of a small church plant core group meeting in the city of Boston. The Church is called Anglican Church of the Resurrection, and we are just in the beginning stages of gathering a core group and worshiping as a plant in this new season of the life of the Church.

We’ve got a Christmas Celebration service coming up tomorrow. Figured I’d post it here too in case anyone might be in Boston and looking to worship in an Anglican setting as we head into the final week of Advent and into the celebration of Christmas. All are warmly invited.

More activity to come here on he blog soon now that I will have a few weeks of breathing time after being fully immersed in thesis, church, and seminary teaching. Tara and I are having a blast together and with Liam as we figure out how to be parents.

In Christ,






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