Some friends of mine at the University of St Andrews and I are hosting a really exciting international conference through webinar called Ecclesia and Ethics: An Eco-friendly and Economically-feasible Online Biblical Studies and Theology Conference. It’s all about the role of the Church in moral formation and ethics.

We’ve recently opened up Registration and a Call for Papers. Check it out,  spread the word, and consider joining us on Saturday May 18th and Saturday May 25th. We’ve got N.T. Wright, Shane Claiborne, Stanley Hauerwas, Mariam Kamell, Dennis Hollinger, Nijay Gupta, Brian Rosner, Michael Gorman, and more delivering main papers. Plus, we’ll have an additional 20-25 accepted papers from presenters from around the world.

No software will need to be purchased by presenters or attendees, and Webinar access is provided entirely for free due to a generous Capod Innovation Grant through the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Participants and attendees will be able to sign on, present, and listen to or watch presentations from anywhere in the world with reliable internet and a computer. Registration for the conference consists of a $10/£7 (minimum) donation to one of our Recommended Charities. We invite participants to give according to their means above the $10/£7 to one or more of our charities if they feel led and are able.

I’m hoping to interview some of the Main Speakers here at Truth Within the Static, and via John Dunne at the Two Cities.

Feel free to download and share these flyers with any church, college, seminary, or individual to whom it might be of interest.

Ecclesia and Ethics Flyer_B&W

Ecclesia and Ethics Flyer_II Color

Ecclesia and Ethics Flyer_CALL for Papers


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